Errors Smart IPTV : “Server (URL) connection timeout”,”url nr.1 error” , “Check playlist URL” or “No playlist uploaded”

When you receive an error message when starting the Smart IPTV application on your Smart TV, you can try the following solutions:

Error Check playlist URL or URL nr.1 error :

– If when you ordered a subscription you asked us to inject the m3u link for you, try to restart the TV and restart the Smart IPTV application again, if the message ‘Server Connection timeout’ with a counter is displayed, wait for the channels to load completely and DO NOT press OK, if the loading is very long (it depends on the speed of your internet connection) or you will always get the same error message (URL nr1 error or Check playlist URL) press the « 0 » button with your remote control (Samsung or LG) and wait for the loading, if the problem persists, turn off your TV and unplug it from the mains for about 30 seconds and try again.

You can also try to reset Smart HUB or turn your TV off and on to clear its cache if you have a Samsung TV.

-If you asked for your m3u link when you ordered, try deleting the playlist from your TV and then put the m3u link back, paste your MAC address and click « Delete »:

NB : Note that in most cases, you only need to inject the m3u link once, the application will save the m3u link in the server, if you get the error message, first check the internet connection and restart the TV, then restart the application and wait for loading after the message « Server connection Timeout ». On Samasung TVs in case of URL message nr.1 Error, press button « 0 » and wait for download.